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since 1979

-   ABOUT US  -

Viatak Enterprise Company Sdn. Bhd. is founded by Mr.Leong Yeow Tuck in 1979. For over 30 years, Mr. Leong has been involving in the meat industry. Then, the company's name was Vita Enterprise (sole proprietor) and was established at Jalan Wayang Buntong, Ipoh. Later in 1993, the company is reallocated to Chemor. Under the effective leadership of Mr. Leong, Viatak is operating five duck farms with a feed production site at Chemor. 


The duck meat that we yield is from one of the highest England's duck breeds and also called Cherry valley. 

Viatak holds "HALAL" cert that certified by Islamic Development Department of Malaysia. The slaughtering and processing of ducks are done according to Muslim's rite.


Viatak constantly seeks product innovation and invention, thus, two products was produced in 2004 which was Boneless Roast Duck and Smoked Duck. In the same year, we have also introduced Smoked Boneless Duck, Smoked Breast, and Smoked Drumstick. Besides vacuum-packed frozen products, we also offer freshly roasted ducks (pre-order only) and they become popular choices in some local restaurants and hawkers too!

Besides having our brand cooked products, we also do supply quality duck meat & other customized duck parts for your business needs. Please contact us for more info & get a quotation now!

-   Quality Assurance  -

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