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1) Wash the rice as usual. Cut the smoked duck into halves. Discard the bishop's nose if present. 

2) Use your normal water to rice ratio to cook your rice using a rice cooker. If unsure, you may use 2:1, Water:Rice ratio. If you have pandan leaf you may put into the rice cooker now. Press start button on your rice cooker to start to cook your rice as usual.

3) Set timer of 23 mins or when you see the rice inside your rice cooker is starting to boil then put all your optional ingredients into your rice cooker. Then, place the cut smoked duck inside. Close the lid and continue cooking your rice as usual. 

4) When your rice is cooked, take out the smoked duck and cut them into smaller pieces. Garnish with some spring onions and enjoy!

Smoked Duck Rice

  • 1 Pack of Viatak's Half Smoked Duck

    2 Cups of rice

    1 Pandan Leaf (Optional)

    150g Long Beans (Optional)

    1 Chinese Sausage (Optional & Non-halal)

    1 Liver Sausage (Optional & Non-halal)

    1 Cut Spring Onions (Optional & to garnish)

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